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What exactly is humm, and how does it work?

Humm allows you to spread the expense of your purchase over a period of time. Instead of paying in one lump sum, humm allows you to spread the cost over one order or numerous transactions ranging from €80 to €15,000. There is no interest for orders between €80 and €500. There is a modest interest fee on orders over €500.

What can I purchase with humm?

Anything you desire... You're fine to go as long as your order is between €80 and €15,000. Humm may be used in-store at Howden Tools & Garage Equipment. We can do it over the phone, in-store, or online. Simply pick humm at the checkout.

Is humm available to me?

You must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible for humm:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Please provide verification of your PPS number and residence.
  3. You must be an Irish citizen or a permanent resident in Ireland.
  4. Earn a minimum monthly taxable income of €1,000
  5. Have a valid credit/debit card and a photo ID on hand.
  6. Have an excellent credit rating
Is it possible to pay off my humm agreement early?

Yes, you may pay off your humm Agreement early without incurring any extra costs or penalties.
You will only pay the outstanding debt (including interest) up to the moment of closure.

You may make further payments at any time and as often as you like - simply log in to your online customer portal (you will have gotten an email with instructions on how to enter in when you made your purchase), click on your agreement number, and then click on a "One-Time Payment."

As previously said, you can perform this as frequently as you desire!


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