Plastic / Overlap Welding (5)

Plastic overlap welding is a technique where two pieces of plastic are heated and fused together by overlapping their edges. This method creates a strong and durable bond, creating a permanent seal that is impervious to water and air pressure. Commonly used in industries such as automotive, packaging, and construction for joining plastic components. Our bestselling brand is: Leister. Next Day Delivery Available.

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TRIAC-ST-KIT-230V In stock
€750.00 inc vat
€609.76 ex vat
107.036 In stock
€54.50 inc vat
€44.31 ex vat
PWNK In stock
€61.01 inc vat
€49.60 ex vat
TRIAC-ST-KIT-110V Coming Soon
€750.00 inc vat
€609.76 ex vat
HT1600-110 In stock
€411.00 inc vat
€334.15 ex vat