TARANTO Single Post Lift 2.5 Ton 3Hp


Portable Single Post lift

2.5Ton Capacity

3HP Motor

1800mm Lifting Height

Minimuim Height 110MM

Capacity of Motor: 2.2km

Overall Height of lift is 2600mm

Electricity Supply: Single phase/Three phase

Full Rise Time: 355

Weight: 810kg

Lifting Capacity: 2500kg

Electric release Locks

Screw Action Adjustable Pads

Powder Coated Finish

Mobile Positioning based on Pallet Truck Jack System

Door Protection Pads

Anti-Surge Hydraulic Valve

Space saving single post suitable for family parking and quick service workshop

The concept of mobile column makes lift flexible that is, you may move the lift to wherever you want in the workshop.

2500KG lifting capacity can be applicable to most vehicles

Just press one button to operate instead of pulling safety lock release handle while pressing manual lowering valve

24V control system against unexpected injury caused by electricity leakage

Aluminium motor prevents overheating

Anti-surge valve in hydraulic joint ensures no danger in case of broken oil hose

Each of the 4 lifting arms can be easily extended & rotated, convenient for different vehicles

Round screw-up lifting pad adapts to chassis with various height

Model: EE-612E

Code: OMA496
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