TARANTO 2 Post Car Lift 5 Ton Capacity 230v Electric Release T25E


5000KG Lifting Capacity.

2000mm lifting height with standard truck adapter.

3006mm Drive Through Width

1900mm Max Height

100mm Minimum Height

Base plate design for low ceiling workshops.

Electrical release, just press Up and Down button to operate the lift.

Only 40 seconds raising time with optional quick motor to shorten your service time.

The four triple stage arms combination make the lift cabable of accommodating a wide range of vehicles.

Durable cylinders in each column carry with anti-surge valves.

Screw-up lifting pads with clearance height less than 100MM.

The arm locks engage automatically when the lift is raised and disengage when lowered fully.

Standard aluminum motor avoids overheating and ensures a long service life.

Durable powder coated finish.

Standard door protection pads to prevent possible damage when the door is opened without caution.

Standard chain protection curtain.

Low Profile Smooth Ramp only 30mm high

Tray Under Ramp keeps Wire Ropes Clean and Dry

Spring Loaded Roller System Under Ramp which Wire Ropes run through senses any Loss of Tension in Ropes

Twin Electric Release Lock System in Each Pillar

Check Valves Fitted in Each Hydraulic Ram

  All Moving Parts and Wire Ropes are Galvanised

All Frame work on Lift is Powder Coated

  19mm Locking Pins on Each Arm for securing in Position Under Vehicle

24Volt Control Box Reduces Power Down From 230Volt to 24Volt

2 Year Warranty

Pre-fixed hydraulic pressure prevents overloading operation.

Code: T25E
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