Space Column Lift set, combined 30Ton Capacity ( Set of 4 ) RSP307


- 30 Ton Capacity Lift (Per Set Of 4 units )
- Wireless control system between columns, all columns are identical
- Adjustable forks for various size wheels.
- Rechargeable Batteries ( Each Column Has its own Charger Built in )
- 230Volt Charging System
- Control board according to ISO standards 13849
- Commissioned by Howden Tools and ready for use on delivery.
- Supplied with brackets so Columns can be transported with fork lift if required

- Each Column has Heavy Duty 53mm Solid Round bar welded into the four corners of pillar and a heavy duty roller system on the carriage then climbs up the inside of the column on these solid bars, this provides a very stable lifting system .
- Safety Check Valves in Each Ram Features
- Synchronization at a height difference of 30 mm.

Code: RSP307
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