Ideal for the professional decorator, factory maintainer and serious DIY'er, where an exceptional finish is desired but an airless pump is not needed full time.

Being small doesn’t mean it’s not for the pro all the features that a professional looks for are here they’ve just got compact.

Small enough to use anywhere at anytime and it’s easy to carry with a net weight of 11.4 kg yet the pump is capable of working with spray tips up to 21 thou.

For the coating of small to medium painting contracts suitable for applying a range of both solvent and water based coatings.

Suitable to be used by fabricators, painting contractors and commercial decorators.

Equip with the correct spray tip and use it to spray varnish | stains | lacquers | enamel |primer | undercoats |gloss | emulsion | acrylics

Type: Electric Airless Piston Pump

Pressure Controlling: Electrical (fully automatic)

Power: 700W Max Pressure: 207 Bar / 3000 PSI

Max Delivery: 1.9 L/min Max Tip Size: 0.021"

Hose Length: 7.5M

Nett Weight: 11.4 Kg

Voltage 110v

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