NPX4 Hot Power Washer 2000psi 11 l/min


Quick Overview:
Compact, handy, ideal for any outdoor cleaning requirement.
Heavy Duty high-pressure cleaner showing its extreme versatility by granting top quality performance, reliability and ease of use.
For washing vehicles, plant, machinery, garden equipment, floors and external walls; for degreasing, sandblasting and paint removing.
If you’ve never tried HOT water pressure cleaning before – there is a massive difference between the performance of HOT water cleaning compared to cold. ( Its like cleaning your hands in hot water compared to cold)
Main Features:
* Double motor (pump and burner)
* Three high durability steel pistons brass pump head with built-in external (seat interchangeable) by-pass valve
* Stainless Steel suction & delivery valves
* Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
* Temperature regulation gauge
* Low fuel lamp
* Detergent built-in tank for direct suction
* Delayed & 24 volt Automatic Stop System
* Safety valve
* Glycerine pressure gauge
* Ergonomic Handles & impact resistant cover.
* Four robust wheels - Ideal for moving across yards.
Fantastic on vehicles, plant, machinery, around the farm and outbuildings.
Very popular with CAR VALETTORS - as it only requires a 5.0 KVA generator to run it.
Full back-up, spares and parts available.
The NPX produces a maximum pressure of 130 bar ( 1800 psi ) and delivers a water flow rate of 660 litres per hour at 140 degrees.
The unit is powered by a 3200w, 240 volt motor.
The “Best in it’s Class” vertical boiler features a high, thermal efficiency, steel coil and comes equipped with the A.S.S. - automatic stop system.
This system includes a pressure switch which shuts down the motor on release of the trigger and helps to prolong the life of the motor.
A burner regulator is fitted to optimise the combustion for improved efficiency, wear resistance and less diesel oil consumption.
A built-in detergent tank is fitted for direct detergent delivery and the trolley is designed with an ergonomic handle complete with accessory holder.
The fuel tank benefits from a low-fuel shutoff and warning light that notifies the operator on low fuel.
The NPX is very popular with our customers for all small & Large businesses.
The unit is compact and very portable, ideal for great manoeuvrability, and great for washing cars, vans, plant & machinery etc.
The standard equipment includes a high pressure trigger gun, 10 meter HP hose, and a HP 700mm Stainless lance with high / low pressure regulation.
A HP professional nozzle is also supplied. 
Model: Lavor NPX 4 1310 M
Operating Pressure: 1740 PSI / 120 BAR
Max. Pressure: 1875 PSI / 130 BAR
Max. Temperature: 140°
Absorbed Power: 3200W
Delivery Rate: 660 Litres / Hour = 11 Litres / Min.
Max. Delivery Rate (GPM-USA): 2.91
Voltage: 230 V ~50Hz
Weight: 90 kg 

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