SIP Power Washer PH540/150 2000psi 11 l/min 08954


The SIP PH540/120 Hot Water Pressure Washer is built with an all-metal brass-headed Axial plunger pump, as well as a pressure gauge, temperature thermostat and a Total Stop function.

- 230v (13amp) input supply
- Powerful 2700w (3.6hp) motor
- Electric-powered pressure washer
- 2175psi (150 bar) maximum pressure
- 540 litres/hour maximum water flow rate
- 8 metre durable hose w/ bent pistol lance
- Rugged brass-headed axial plunger pump
- 15L diesel boiler capacity / 4.5L detergent
- 90°C variable temperature thermostat
- Total Stop - power stops if not in use
- Strong one-piece bodywork cover
- Premium Italian construction

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