METABO Angle Grinder 4.5" 110v 1080w


Metabo has developed a new 5-inch angle grinder, model W1080 RT, that is said to be lightweight, and especially comfortable to use. An important new feature is its rat tail handle, for added safety and ergonomics.

Target Applications:

Pipeline installation and maintenance
Tank and structural steel fabrication
Steelwork in heavy metal industries
Tasks that require reaching or overhead work
W1080 RT Features and Specs

10A 1080W motor with high overload capacity
26 inch-lbs of torque
10,000 RPM (no-load)
Low profile aluminum die-cast gear housing for heat dissipation and greater tool life
Slim motor housing
Rubberized rat tail handle for vibration dampening and improved grip
5.4 lbs weight
Non-locking trigger switch
Spindle lock
Burst-proof wheel guard
Auto-stop carbon brushes
The grinder comes with a side handle, Type 27 wheel guard, an inner flange, outer nut, and spanner wrench. Optional accessories include a Type 1 cut-off wheel guard, carrying case, and 5-inch abrasive wheels.

The new grinder is backed by Metabo's XXL warranty, which extends the 1-year power tool warranty to 3-years.

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