Outstanding cutting performance in both small profiles and large construction timbers up to 110 x 303 mm
XPS Shadow line cut indicator provides fast accurate alignment of the blade while illuminating the work piece for increased productivity - no adjustment required
Heavy duty durability with the ability to fully adjust your machine to maintain accuracy over the life of the tool
New quick releasebevel stop setting provides accurate and simple setting of bevel angles up to 49° left and right
Easy to use mitre and bevel controls making the tool fast and simple to change from one set up to another
Cam action mitre lock function makes mitre setting faster and easier allowing the user to quickly adjust angles between 0° - 50° left and 0° - 60° right
Long life accuracy in table and fence design
The large dual sliding fence gives maximum support in large material cuts at any angle or combination of angles
Linear horizontal rails utilise bronze guides to provide maximum precision when cutting materials up to 345 mm wide
Compact and lightweight design characteristics deliver a saw with enormous capacity which is easy to transport around the jobsite
Outstanding dust control and deflection away from cutting area
Electronic speed control for adjusting cutting speed when cutting materials other than wood
The innovative grooving stop allows the adjustment of the cutting depth for grooving and rebating applications
Power Input: 1675W
Power Output: 960W
Blade Speed: 1900 - 3800 rpm
Blade Diameter: 305 mm
Blade Bore: 30 mm
Bevel Capacity: 49/49 °
Mitre Capacity [right/left]: 60/50 °
Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° (W x H): 211 x 112 mm
Cutting Capacity at 90°/90° (W x H): 303 x110 mm
Cutting Capacity at 90°/90° (W x H): 345 x 76 mm
Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° (W x H): 268 x 63 mm
Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° (W x H): 345 x 44 mm
Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° (W x H): 244 x 76 mm
Max. Cutting Capacity at 45°/45°: 212 x 76 mm
Max. Depth of Cut [Saws]: 170 mm
Weight: 24.8 kg
Depth: 470 mm
Length: 770 mm
Height: 396 mm

Code: DWS780-110V
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