Fai/Full 20W 1400 Lumen Led 240V Sitelight FPPSLLED20P


Faithfull's next generation of site lighting have high performance, high output, chip on board (COB) LEDs which provide a bright light with up to a 90% energy saving, compared to the equivalent light output from halogen lighting. These lamps provide a high light output with the added advantage of a low power consumption, with a cool running temperature. LEDs are maintenance free and more resilient to impact damage that can cause conventional Halogen tubes to fail if a light is hit or knocked over. Faithfull LED site lights are designed for use in both domestic and commercial applications, each lamp is constructed from a die-cast body with a tough glass lens to prevent accidental damage to the LED. Excellent illumination of up to 1,400 lumen is provided from a single 20 watt LED lamp, which is mounted on a sturdy freestanding tubular steel frame. A ‘tilt and lock’ facility allows the angle of the lamp to be adjusted to direct the light exactly where it is needed. Features: 1,400 Lumen output. Low running temperature. Adjustable angle 'tilt and lock' facility. 3 metre cable and approved plug. Suitable for inside and outside use. Advantages over conventional Halogen lighting: Low power consumption up to 90% lower compared to the equivalent light output from a halogen lamp. Long working life and low running temperature with no burn hazard. Resilient to impact damage that would cause Halogen tubes to fail. 240V

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