FLUKE 112 Digital Multimeter


Fluke 112 True RMS Digital Multimeter with AC/DC Current, Backlight Display, 6000 Count Resolution. 



-True RMS measurements

-0.7% basic accuracy

-6000 count resolution

-Digital display with analog bargraph

-DC current measurements

-Backlight display

-Anual and automatic ranging

-Display Hold

-Frequency and capacitance measurements

-Resistance, continuity and diode measurements

-Min-max-average recording

-Easy battery exchange without opening the case

-Closed case calibration through front panel

-Compact case with separate holster

-EN61010-1 CAT III 600V

-All inputs are protected to IEN61010-1 CAT III 600V. UL, CSA, TÃœV listed and VDE Pending.



-Voltage DC Accuracy: ± (0.7%+2) Max. Resolution: 1 mV Maximum: 600 V

-Voltage AC Accuracy: ± (1.0%+3) Max. Resolution: 1 mV Maximum: 600 V

-Current DC Accuracy: ± (1.0%+3) Max. Resolution: 1 mA Maximum: 10 A

-Current AC Accuracy ± (1.5%+3) Maximum: 10 A Max. Resolution: 10 mA

-Resistance Accuracy: ± (0.9%+1) Max. Resolution: 0.1 Ω Maximum: 40 MΩ

-Capacitance Accuracy: ± (1.9%+2) Max. Resolution: 1 nF Maximum: 10,000 µF

-Frequency Accuracy: ± (0.1%+2) Max. Resolution: 0.01 Hz Maximum: 50 kHz 

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