EUROTEK Superspin Wheel Balancer With Hood


The Eurotek Super Spin Wheel Balancer comes equipped with the following features as standard.

UK designed embedded software.
1 phase plug and play Led display Semi-Automatic data input.
Auto start feature when hood is lowered.
Motor driven hidden weight program.
3 alloy programs.
Self-calibration allowed.
Comes with cones, measuring callipers and weight pliers.
All Eurotek Wheel Balancers come with a full two year parts warranty.

Wheel Balancer Specification:

Rim Size 10" - 24".
Rim Width 1.5" - 20".
Max Wheel Weight 65KG.
Single Phase.
Wheel Balancer weights and dimensions in the crate:
Assembled dimensions 920mm x700mmx 1660mm.
Assembled weight 98kg.

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