3Hp Motor 230v


Amtecs 3Hp Motor 230v     


2.2kW 3ph 2 Pole High Efficiency Face Mounting (B14) 90L Frame AC Motor for 230V or 400V 3 phase supply. 
Inverter Rated for use with a Variable Frequency Inverter Drive having 1ph or 3ph input and 3ph output, or a fixed frequency mains supply at 50Hz.

Fixed mains supply output: 2.2kW (3HP) x 2860RPM at 230V or 400V x 50Hz 3ph.
Inverter Supply Output: 14:1 Speed Control range from 286RPM to 4004RPM for 5Hz to 70Hz control, with suitable de-rating at the lower speeds.

Full Load Current - 7.9A at 230V, or 4.5A at 400V.
Power Factor is 0.84 when mains connected at 50Hz.
Efficiency is 83.2%

175mm Wide x 337mm Long x 229mm high overall in its IP55 enclosure.
Face mount on M8 tapped holes at 115mm PCD with 95mm diameter spigot in the 140mm diameter flange.
Shaft is 24mm dia x 50mm with 8mm wide key.
Weight is 17.5kg.

Rated at 40C Ambient.
Ventilation space required at rear cooling air intake.
Thermostat for over-temperature protection.

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